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An outing to Elsie Green in Northern California.

One of the perks with our daughter living in San Francisco since 2020 is the opportunity to explore the West Coast during our visits. The minute travel resumed relatively safely a couple of years ago after the height of the pandemic, we hopped on a plane to spend some time in the city and escape to Napa Valley for a weekend outing with her.

On my list for that trip to check out were a number of vintage home retail shops in the Bay area including Elsie Green located in Concord - about thirty minutes from San Francisco and an easy side route to add on the way to Napa. As a loyal follower of their account on Instagram, it is a place I did not want to miss while in Northern California.

The bright, sun-filled showroom features styled sections with an evolving array of gorgeous merchandise arriving throughout the year directly from France. It is a visual treat of inspiration with beautiful collections and displays of antique items - from furniture, ironstone and linens to books, glassware and bread boards - and a friendly, knowledgable staff.

The Concord storefront is not the only way to experience Elsie Green. The blog - Etcetera - covers a variety of topics highlighting posts on travel, fashion, design, recipes + shop updates and product information. There are also seasonal inspiration guides that read like mini magazines with a mixed media twist and an online store stocked with everything you need to furnish a home or to gift someone special. Having recently partnered with Pledge to mark ten years in business with a portion of each sale donated to important causes selected by each team member, Elsie Green is a lovely shop to support in person or from afar for delightful, authentic vintage European finds and a website full of interesting resources.

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Just lovely!

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