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holiday+notes | 12.18.22

As the holidays quickly approach and the end of the year winds down, an unexpected visit to New York in this festive season captured the scintillating anticipation of celebration magically lingering at every turn...

From the sparkle of twinkling lights tightly wrapped around branches to the soft glow of candles flickering in lanterns, the fresh trees securely tied down to rooftops for the drive home, the packages piled on thresholds, the bundled up shoppers bustling along the sidewalks, in the subway, parks and skating rinks, the laughter spilling from doors swinging open in the quaint cafés as you pass by, the chestnuts roasting at the street corners and the ribbon-clad wreaths woven into gorgeous storefront displays, the city all dressed up did not disappoint - even in the rain.

Amidst the fray during this busy period, take note of the little things.

It's surprising how the tiniest moments create lasting memories - wherever you may be.

Warmest wishes and happy holidays!

holiday+notes | 12.18.22

  1. Need a little inspiration for gift wrapping? Miss Mustard Seed uses antique molds and salt dough to create beautiful ornaments that would elevate any package! Don't have any antique molds on hand? Amazon offers a variety of wood cookie molds that you can use with air dry clay to achieve similar results.

  2. A few tips to properly pop a bottle of champagne at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve and if you want to add a little extra fun, this video from Bon Appétit shows you how to saber a champagne bottle. Cheers!

  3. Love this sweet granola treat - including the packaging! - to drop off on your neighbors' front stoops, to leave in the mailbox for the mailman to find or even as a little thank you token for a hostess at an upcoming event.

  4. Courtney of French Country Cottage shares stunning styling ideas to try under the tree before stacking the presents on Christmas Eve.

  5. Fire up the oven and check out this delicious baking lineup if you have plans in the works for a cookie exchange or party.

  6. Considering changing any wall colors in the new year? Scroll through for tons of suggestions if you love the look of dark painted walls.



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