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Librairie Jousseaume - a delightful Parisian cultural landmark

Before leaving on any trip, I spend a little time researching local shops and boutiques to visit for inspiration and uncovered a list of unique options for our stay in Paris this past Spring in Marin Montagut's recent book Le Paris Merveilleux: Échoppes et Ateliers d'Antan. The English version is titled Timeless Paris: Ateliers-Emporiums-Savoir Faire. It's as much both a resourceful tool and visually appealing with stunning photography from cover to cover.

One of the places highlighted in the book that I wanted to see - the family-owned Librairie Jousseaume - also happens to be located within another special Parisian setting - the iconic Galerie Vivienne. Built in 1823 and inaugurated in 1826, Galerie Vivienne was considered an exquisite covered passageway flooded with natural light from the arched glass roof illuminating the colorful mosaic tile flooring and architectural details.

Today, luxury boutiques and charming cafés line the timeless sunlit interior halls including the historical Librairie Jousseaume. Named Librairie Petit-Siroux when it first opened, the bookstore - actually comprised of two quaint shops across from each other - was one of the original tenants. In 1890, current owner François Jousseaume's great-grandfather acquired the bookshop and he continues to care for and serve customers from around the world with his extensive insightful literary knowledge.

Stepping into each of the softly lit shops feels like discovering a secret study tucked away under the enchanting rooftop eaves of an attic in the city. Wedged along sturdy shelves sit thousands of used antique and modern books stacked from the wood floor to the ceiling where you can lose track of the day perusing a wide range of subjects in literature, history, poetry, music and theater as well as postcards and gift cards. One of the shops even includes a spiral wooden staircase leading to a narrow second level overflowing with more wonderful books to explore and page through while imagining you have been transported right back to the late 1800s.

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