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Turning points.

While deeply entrenched in executive meetings, redesigning areas of our home, contemplating a corporate return and parenting two incredible children, the opportunity to open a shop materialized under unexpected circumstances back in March 2009.

Having never considered launching into retail or delving into the entrepreneurial world, that date nonetheless marked a turning point as my official venture as a company of one.

The whole concept certainly added a few extra layers of complicated... especially with a husband traveling globally more last minute than scheduled at the time. What was I thinking and how would I pull this off? Yet, I moved forward, craving to channel business school practices, explore creatively and merge a love of vintage and home while maintaining a degree of flexibility to still retain my most important role as a mom.

Fourteen years later - through challenges and setbacks, success and growth - there is a tremendous appreciation for the lessons learned and experiences gained. What was initially established as a trial project, developed into a full-fledged side career. From restoring and painting furniture, searching for antique finds, balancing pricing strategies and partnering with accounts domestically and internationally to figuring out the onset of social media trends and platforms, modifying branding blueprints, expanding merchandise selection to Europe, moving to multiple locations, dipping into off-site markets, building a website and connecting with customers, it has been a cascading whirlwind of reward, overwhelm and a profound discovery of personal range.

As when possibilities arise and situations change, priorities shift and choices are made to transition to another season, to focus on new directions and adapt to updated plans and this year presents as another pivotal moment with the decision to close the shop.

While a refresh is currently underway behind-the-scenes for stone+gate market, it will continue to provide similar services and products in addition to broadening its reach - just in a different format - and you will be one of the first to watch it unfold.


To Magnus, Kelsey and Ryan.

Thank you for your team support and encouragement, for pitching in when I know you had a million other things to do, for the countless hours spent over evenings, weekends and days off loading, unloading and loading again, sanding or waxing, assisting with setting up displays, crunching numbers, suggesting and brainstorming ideas, answering and solving my endless questions about frustrating computer issues and reviewing a steady stream of copy and captions.

None of this would have been remotely possible without you.



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