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weekend+notes | 1.19.24

It has been a week of overdue wintry weather in the Washington, D.C. area with light layers of snow falling softly overnight or over the course of the day.

While there is a heavy focus on decluttering, establishing goals and finding ways to incorporate spring right now, embracing this current season on walks through the forest bundled up in its winter coating are the best part of these increasingly rare snow days. Simply taking in the muffled stillness in the air, the sound of crunchy footsteps amidst the bare trees, the gentle swirls of fluffy flakes piling up on evergreen branches, the animal prints dotting the landscape in crisscrossing patterns and the faint glow of house lanterns in the distance seemingly melting the fluffy snowdrifts sets a blank canvas for exploration and inspiration at the dawn of this new year.

Warm wishes for a wonderful weekend leaning into winter's gift of quiet pause.

weekend+notes | 1.19.24

  1. How perfect would any of these Scandinavian cabins be to escape to for a snowy weekend?

  2. A simple homemade recipe for a lavender and chamomile aromatherapy sleep spray.

  3. A peek inside the Somerset home of Farrow & Ball's color curator.

  4. A winter guide of Woodstock if your travel plans include Vermont.

  5. A little history of the hot chocolate.

  6. Ideas to style a home for the winter months.

  7. Paris will be a bit more expensive this year with the Olympics this summer from hotels, restaurants, the metro and museums.

  8. An easy way to make a loaf of crusty bread without kneading to pair with all of the delicious soups we are consuming during these colder days.

  9. A gorgeous palace other than Versailles to put on your list to visit when in Paris - less crowds + a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  10. So much incredible original character in this London cottage!

  11. What a stunning laundry room makeover.

  12. The benefits of making to-do lists.



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