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weekend+notes | 1.21.22

Writing a post for this week feels raw and hollow with words difficult to find.

Just 21 days ago, the start of 2022 promised the glimmer of possibility, revitalization and anticipation of the months about to unfold. Never did we expect to be shattered so abruptly with the news that a member of our family suddenly and unexpectedly passed away last week.

Instead of inspiration and purpose for the new year, processing this change resets the course of expectations, perspectives and directions and will take some time to unravel. To honor Sara's gentle disposition, kind heart and loyal friendship, I have decided to highlight a few beautiful features and traditions of the Scandinavian lifestyle she embraced in this edition.

Have a wonderful weekend - make every minute count.

weekend+notes | 1.21.22

  1. The popular term of hygge may belong to the Danes - in Sweden the art of leading a balanced life is called lagom.

  2. Fika is one Swedish tradition Americans should adopt into their daily schedules. :)

  3. Light, minimalistic interiors are gorgeous characteristics of Swedish design that were originally highly influenced by King Gustav III's visit to France in the late 1700s.

  4. Inspirational Scandinavian design instagram accounts to follow.

  5. Talented Scandinavian interior designers to follow from Sara's hometown of Gothenburg on the west coast to Stockholm on the east coast.

  6. Just beyond Gothenburg along the western coastline you will find the Gothenburg Archipelago - a breathtaking cluster of islands where the picture above was taken while sailing in that area back in 2018.



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