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weekend+notes | 1.28.22

Flurries are swirling outside my office window as we anticipate another winter storm here on the East Coast. I am definitely all in for staying in to catch up on some reading by the fire!

We just had our first weekend opening of the year at Chartreuse & co. and I really enjoyed finishing and staging my new space on the main floor of the barn. A lot of projects are starting to pile up as winter transitions into spring, but with that the opportunity to think outside of the box and expand creative ideas follows. Travel plans are back in play this year both for work and vacation and one particular trip on the horizon is my favorite city in the world - so with Paris on my mind, I had to include the photo above taken from our last visit there in 2019.

I hope that you are finishing the week off strong - bon weekend!

weekend+notes | 1.28.22

  1. With organizing and decluttering resolutions in full swing this month, the founder of Clean Mama offers tips and free printables on her website and outlines easy systems to corralling messes in her book Simply Clean if you are looking for a little extra inspiration.

  2. As we slowly make our way through renovating the bathrooms in our house, I found the perfect customizable refillable bottles from The Polished Jar. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from and you can select the type of pump you want. I ended up choosing the amber glass ones for the sinks and the white plastic ones for the shower/bath from the Signature Collection category for their classic simplicity.

  3. I have been searching for a better stainless steel cleaner and this non-toxic, plant-based one from Therapy Clean is one of the best I have ever tried. It works wonders on all kinds of smudges.

  4. Recently purchased and absolutely love this coffee measuring spoon.

  5. Completely forgot to include Defending Jacob in the list of series I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

  6. Thinking about trying out this pretty color on furniture pieces for the shop this spring.

  7. This eye-opening documentary confirms the negative ties and consequences associated with our dependence on social media.

  8. If you need any reading recommendations, Grace's book club suggests a ton of ideas - all categorized and rated.

  9. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, this cute notebook in pink and workbook in red from my favorite D.C. based shop Appointed would make a sweet gift for someone special or to treat yourself. :)

  10. How magical and romantic to visit the Loire Valley castles in the heart of winter!



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