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weekend+notes | 1.7.22

Happy New Year!

Turning the page on a fresh collection of twelve months marks the beginning of a season of organization of our homes and daily routines as well as reflection of the moments in the previous year that both celebrated and tested our strength, our character and our resolve.

With this first week of January crossed off of the calendar and the crisp, blank pages of our planners starting to fill with new sets of goals, ideas and a whole lot of lists, it is understandable that our approach to dreaming up plans is with some trepidation, frustration and tremendous fatigue as we cautiously navigate how the ongoing challenging uncertainties will affect 2022.

On my end, I look forward to working on several personal and professional projects, penciling in travel here and abroad including a highly anticipated and special trip to Chicago for our son's college graduation this spring and continuing to build this little pocket of the internet.

Wishing you a positive, healthy, balanced and energized outlook to this new year.

weekend+notes | 1.7.22

  1. These 20 simple daily changes are easy to implement to supercharge the new year and develop healthy habits.

  2. Helpful tips to ensure your resolutions for 2022 will stick.

  3. If you are a fan of The Home Edit as I am, you can now easily find a variety of affordable organizational products through their collaboration with Walmart + Target also just introduced its own line of products.

  4. Aside from the sheer design inspiration this cute cottage offers, it makes me want to add Fire Island to my list of vacation destinations.

  5. Caught up on a few series over the holidays... has anyone else watched Your Honor, Succession, The Undoing or the Queen's Gambit?

  6. With advanced technology constantly progressing and changing, a lot of research has been conducted about the impacts - both positive and negative - of phones and social media. If you are looking to break from either more this year, Jess Ann Kirby offers great suggestions on how to be on your phone less and makes a strong argument on her decision to quit Instagram.

  7. Not sure I'm completely on board with all of Apartment Therapy's 10 home design trends to leave behind in 2022 - I love my gray walls - but I'm completely on board for these anticipated top features from The Identité Collective especially incorporating vintage pieces with the current supply chain issues and shipment delays and Seeking Lavender Lane's take on upcoming trends this year.

  8. This non-toxic, plant-based stainless steel cleaner is one of the best I have ever tried. It works wonders on all kinds of smudges.

  9. What a treat to plan a stay at this French château!



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