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weekend+notes | 10.30.22

The fall color here in the D.C. area has been stunning this year. One of the best seasons in a long time that pulls you outdoors just to take in the gorgeous backdrops. The photo above was captured during a recent visit to Georgetown and I could have walked the brick and cobblestone streets all day - even the leaves seemed scattered in style!

At our house, the endless task of raking leaves merges with preparing for the first holiday event at the shop. An explosion of sparkly glitter, rolls of ribbon and boxes of shiny vintage ornaments blend seamlessly with stacks of pumpkins and cornstalk bundles straight through the beginning of November. Lots of organized chaos, lists, ideas and projects packed together with hopefully a magical outcome and experience for our customers.

Wishing you a week filled with creative moments.

Happy Halloween!

weekend+notes | 10.30.22

  1. If you need a last minute spooky Halloween decoration before the trick-or-treaters knock on the door, this wreath is inexpensive, easy to create and sets the tone of a haunted house perfectly!

  2. Thinking of trying one (or a few!) of these pretty wood paneling ideas.

  3. The Washingtonian rounded up an impressive list of local wineries that offer lots of options beyond wine tasting. Cheers!

  4. Planning on making a bunch of these moss pumpkins to display in a vintage dough bowl.

  5. Stunning and inspirational before & after kitchen projects.

  6. Recently ordered Jeffrey Alan Mark's The Meaning of Home to add to my expanding library.

  7. Love the details in this beautifully designed bookshop!



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