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weekend+notes | 2.10.23

Now that we are a few weeks into turning the page on this new year, the wintery days of February - best known for shadow sightings and shades of pink - tend to also be defined as the emerging points of fading enthusiasm on those well-intentioned resolutions.

From the moment the seconds tick down to midnight and the champagne corks pop, the anticipation of a fresh start lingers for one night around the world - celebrated with shimmery bursts of colorful fireworks, filled with cheerful wishes and a whole set of updated lists to check off.

There is much to embrace around the possibilities and expectations of a clean slate once the calendar turns to January 1st and settling into the first few months of a new year releases an endless supply of energy to perfect a list of goals to crush, outline a detailed plan on setting priorities or re-evaluate systems in place.

In the midst of this transition to develop a range of intentions, channeling change presents its own challenges and navigating the complexities of beginnings requires unpressurized focus and reflection - a process that should not be rushed to achieve aimlessly. Carve out the time as you organize, declutter, prepare healthier meals and take more steps daily, to find pockets of inspiration, to explore what replenishes you when everything is depleted and to simply hit pause.

The ideas, decisions and dreams will follow.

"Every moment is a fresh beginning."

T. S. Eliot

Wishing you a lovely weekend and a happy Valentine's Day!

weekend+notes | 2.10.23

  1. Can't get enough of these classic checkerboard floors and trying to figure out if I can somehow incorporate at least one in my home - somewhere!

  2. Books arranged on shelves in a home library - whether by color, vertical or horizontal, haphazardly or neatly stacked - add so much depth, warmth and character. Canadian designer Brian Gluckstein took the home library idea one step further in his own beautiful bathroom.

  3. While on the subject of books, peruse the story of a medieval masterpiece - the oldest public library located in England and you can read a little about the Librairie Jousseaume in Paris from one of my earlier posts.

  4. Looking forward to the Spring release of French Blooms by Sandra Sigman currently available to pre-order.

  5. A bunch of fun photos highlighting a variety of elements in this year's Pantone Color of the Year - Viva Magenta.

  6. A morning version of the charcuterie board... the breakfast board!

  7. Make this impressive sweet tulip cake to serve up a slice for Valentine's Day.

  8. Not only is the renovated interior of this stone Elizabethan manor house in England impeccable, the potted trees and bushes set around the pea gravel driveway are so welcoming and such a unique feature.

  9. Sharing my dentist's recommendation of Cocofloss - it's a game changer! The mint flavor is my favorite.

  10. How cute would these neutral yarn hearts look in multiple sizes piled up in a wood bowl?

  11. Recently purchased The Houses of Veranda by Lisa Newsom and taking in



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