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weekend+notes | 2.17.23

The warm weather patterns popping up lately in the D.C. area are setting the stage for a seemingly early Spring - even the cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin are convinced with the "indicator tree" already showing signs of its first buds!

Those of us still in cold winter temperatures are patiently waiting for the transition of seasons to tackle garden plans and refresh outdoor spaces. With our deck and fireplace finally complete, the roof replaced, two large trees removed and a few evergreens and a sugar maple installed, we are bookmarking ideas to add plants and relocate bushes to layer and enhance our backyard.

Sprucing up the exterior is not the only item on the agenda this Spring... Tweaks and changes are in the works for the shop and the website that I look forward to sharing with you soon.

Enjoy a relaxing long holiday weekend and thank you for reading!

weekend+notes | 2.17.23

  1. If you are deep into a decluttering process at the start of this new year or organizing a Spring cleaning session, professional designers devised a practical list of items to consider clearing throughout the house.

  2. An Instagram account to follow - @peppertreeliving.

  3. February is American Heart Month - cardiologists share the risk factors for heart disease in women, warning signs and heart-healthy lifestyle advice.

  4. A beautiful garden tour in Atlanta filled with trimmed boxwood lining pebbled walkways, stone paths, lush ivy and fresh pine needle beds like we used to have at our home in North Carolina - smells so good!

  5. The creamy broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl is my absolute favorite at Panera Bread. Half-Baked Harvest has concocted a lighter version that I'm adding to my recipe file.

  6. Simple tips on properly cleaning a wood cutting board.

  7. Love the timeless style design in this home - and that shower!

  8. Self recently published an interesting article on what you can do if you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back to sleep.

  9. Need to remove tarnish from silver flatware? This Silver Dip product from Hagerty is magical.

  10. Elle Decor created a guide of Paris through charming colorful shopfronts.



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