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weekend+notes | 2.18.22

It has been a bittersweet return to Europe this trip, yet despite the heavy, exhausting and challenging week finalizing my sister-in-law's affairs in Göteborg, bright spots abounded during these past few days of gloomy February weather - from window pendants casting a soft light on sills filled with potted plants to the candlelight in lanterns and abundance of colorful tulips just about everywhere in the bank, offices and shops, Sweden does not disappoint with its charming and friendly hospitality even during this harsh winter month.

There is an overall sense of welcoming Spring early even as residents bustle around bundled in wool scarves and under bright blue and yellow umbrellas. Flower shops are bursting with purple pearl hyacinth bulbs - a favorite in this area - and open late into the evening for weary commuters. So while we patiently await warmer temperatures, we can all follow the Swedes' approach to cozying up our homes and enjoying life in every season.

Happy Friday. Happy weekend.

weekend+notes | 2.18.22

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