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weekend+notes | 3.17.23

Happy Friday!

Last night, I was talking to our son Ryan - home from graduate school for Spring break - about his favorite St. Patrick's Day memories. Aside from his adorable elementary school recollections of building an elaborate leprechaun trap, the elusive leprechaun footprints his class would discover after recess and frantically trying to find something green to wear, he mentioned the popular annual tradition of dyeing the Chicago River its iconic bright shade of emerald green as a definite March highlight and I completely agreed.

He experienced it during his four years as an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago taking the CTA into the city with friends and I would often have lunch with colleagues near the river just to take it all in when I worked downtown for the Hilton Hotels Corporation in the early 1990s. The event kicks off the city's best festive celebration and unofficially marks that Spring is finally rounding the corner after the icy cold winter wind blasts!

Fun facts about the Chicago River tradition:

  • In the effort to clean up the river when Mayor Daley assumed his role in 1955, the dye was originally used to locate the areas where the sewage was leaking into the waterway.

  • The color of the dye powder is actually orange!

  • In 1962, the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local Union decided to use the dye to turn the river green in honor of St. Patrick's Day and is still in charge of dyeing the river today.

  • Environmentalists convinced the city to adopt a friendly vegetable-based dye and the formula developed is a closely guarded secret.

  • The dyeing process involves workers on two motorboats dumping the powder in the water followed by other boats stirring and distributing the color. People gather along the waterside and on the bridges to watch it all unfold. Within minutes, the river is green and the parade can begin! Check out a couple of fun timelapse videos on YouTube to see the process.

Enjoy a restful weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

weekend+notes | 3.17.23

  1. Have you ever tried a lavender latte?

  2. This office makeover from Chris Loves Julia proves the fascinating power a little paint can have. What a difference in the reveal of the final version!

  3. Tour this London home full of character from the stone floors, transom windows, carved details, trim molding and front door.

  4. Four years after the devastating fire, a re-opening date has been set for the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It was surprising to see the amount of progress the restoration has made this visit compared to the last time I was in Paris last April.

  5. Everything you need to know about wisteria in case you are thinking of adding it to your outdoor landscape.

  6. Leanne Ford reminds us that changing our minds when decorating our homes is okay!

  7. We have a gorgeous magnolia tree in front of the house that blooms pretty pink and white blossoms this time of year right outside my office window on the second floor. It can easily grow unruly and can sometimes be tricky to prune. This article provides helpful information on how to care for one.

  8. Step-by-step inspiration on creating a beautiful floral centerpiece in a vintage champagne bucket.

If this is your first time reaching stone+gate market - welcome - and thank you for reading!



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