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weekend+notes | 3.24.23

Faded pinks, bright yellows, fluffy whites and smidges of green are erupting throughout the Washington, D.C. region and even though the weather may not quite match the official season as it unfolds visually, a lingering anticipation hangs in the air to shake off the unusual winter patterns experienced this year and slide gently - if not hastily - into spring.

On our end, projects are piling up... clearing branches and pinecones strewn across the yard, raking up pine needle debris, trimming trees, pruning shrubs, pulling sprouting weeds, edging beds, mulching and power washing are items on the agenda over the next few weeks. With my husband home for a couple of days before flying back to Europe on Sunday, the trees take priority - the rest I can break down and manage on my own while he travels. We also need to map out a landscaping plan for the top of our hill at some point.

Overall, I am looking forward to an outdoor refresh - filling the boxwood planters with trailing ivy and revealing the deck now that the boards, railing, furniture and fireplace are in place.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and a happy spring!

weekend+notes | 3.24.23

  1. Lately I have been researching ideas about adding a bunch of tulips bulbs around the perimeter of the house for visual interest/depth and recently found the Glam Pad's post on a New York home where the owners have planted thousands of pink tulips throughout their property - it looks so pretty! Expert tips on growing, cutting and arranging tulips.

  2. Lining up this recipe for garlic parmesan fries and thinking of swapping the caesar dressing with a blue cheese one... yum.

  3. Spring clean your home to happiness with simple denture and/or dishwasher tablets.

  4. Adding the Filoli Historic House and Garden to the list for my next trip out to the Bay Area to visit our daughter. Flower Magazine covered the grounds and history beautifully in last year's March/April issue and if you travel to Ireland, the magazine also featured Rowallane Gardens as a gorgeous outdoor space not to miss.

  5. Book currently on my nightstand - Historic Charleston and the Lowcountry by Steve Gross and Susan Daley. Soaking up all of the details ahead of a long weekend scheduled there next month.



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