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weekend+notes | 3.31.23

It seems impossible that we have already reached the last day of March... on to April!

This week packed a heavy load of photography, creating backdrops, brainstorming ideas and designing pages for the website leading to less time left over to tackle any gardening/outdoor plans. Checking off a lengthy and tedious list has felt a little overwhelming lately, so adding extra walks along the trail with Bryce helps to clear thoughts. With fresh tiny leaves sprouting on the tree branches, patches of green and thick tufts of soft yellow daffodils dotting the forest landscape more and more each day, inspiration is beginning to unfold everywhere.

Despite the challenging weather reports of record levels of snow, rain and severe storms this Spring season is producing, sunshine is on its way. We will get there.

Hope you had a wonderful end to the month and enjoy a rejuvenating weekend.

weekend+notes | 3.31.23

  1. Stunning scientific revelation regarding the inspiration behind Monet's paintings.

  2. A bunch of new French restaurants just opened in D.C.!

  3. No need to wait for beautiful spring blooms with these incredible Instagram accounts.

  4. Try this easy, pretty and custom egg decorating project for Easter this year.

  5. Check out the before & after of this rundown schoolhouse in Sweden. What a difference a renovation can make...

  6. A classic, airy English garden set within a gorgeous countryside landscape.



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