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weekend+notes | 4.7.23

A warm welcome to those of you who just joined - so appreciative and happy that you are here!

With longer sunlit days and milder temperatures flourishing lately, it has been the perfect time to start updating aesthetics in our home as we slowly extend parts of the day to the outdoors. From gathering color palettes at a farmer's market to taking notes of the varieties of muted mossy greens, resetting my space with understated spring tweaks changes the scene just enough to make an impact - with minimal effort.

Over the past few days, I have been adding airy ensembles of foraged branches to create lots of height, swapping out textures and patterns with a fresh collection of pillows, relocating and rearranging accessories to other rooms, lighting a citrus-based scented candle and opening windows to capture gentle breezes. Inspiration is bursting at the seams in our own backyard and finding our own little ways to infuse our surroundings to reflect a transitioning season, translates to authentic interiors that make every day feel like a treat.

May your home be filled with simple details to celebrate each day.

Have a lovely Easter weekend.

weekend+notes | 4.7.23

  1. The historic evolution and rituals of table setting.

  2. Veranda covers the differences between vintage and antique + what to buy from each category.

  3. If you have pets, these Bounce dryer sheets are a must-have addition to your laundry supplies. With a bunny and a golden retriever at our house, it significantly reduces clinging fur on fabrics. I am particularly happy about how it works on my husband's dark dress socks!

  4. Love all of the gray tones and moldings of this Swedish apartment.

  5. An informative guide to recycling plastic containers - cosmetic + other types.

  6. A farmhouse Easter tablescape with clay pots, spring flowers and an amazing egg collection.

  7. HomeGoods is currently carrying a decent selection of coffee table books. Grab one - or two - before they're gone!

  8. Bookmarked this yummy recipe for mini soufflés.

  9. Creases or dents in your shoes? Clever and easy tips to remove them with an iron or hair dryer.

  10. Banana Republic launched a home collection - BR Home.

  11. Fun ways brands are collaborating with classic Peeps.

  12. These handmade stamped clay plant labels are super cute for your home or to gift!

Thank you for reading!



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