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weekend+notes | 6.17.23

Summer schedules are in full play with plenty of sun-filled days of ballpark outings, sidewalk hopscotch, fresh cut grass, ice cold lemonade stands, dips in pools, coconut scented sunscreen and colorful flip flops.

This month has also turned out to be a fascinating display of mini wildlife in our backyard with fox kits, baby bunnies, two Cooper's hawks learning to fly from the nest high in the pine tree, fawns and tiny frogs. So much activity to follow over morning coffee!

This week I added a product care section for items purchased in the shop - such as the olive and walnut wood pieces, linen, ironstone and wicker - at the bottom of each page on the website under "policies + information" and a line of classic notebooks from my favorite paper store in D.C. were just delivered and will soon be available at the Lucketts shop location.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

weekend+notes | 6.17.23

  1. What a cute English cottage!

  2. So many pretty container garden ideas...

  3. Long-distance, slow train travel is returning on the original Orient Express route from Venice to Paris!

  4. Everything there is to know about selecting, arranging and caring for peonies.

  5. Restoration Hardware has redesigned its galleries here in the States within beautiful historic landmarks in Boston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco and has now officially expanded overseas.

  6. England has committed to an ambitious plan to restore nature for future generations by reversing the decline in wildlife, cleaning up rivers, reducing waste and providing everyone access to green spaces.

  7. With summer picnics and BBQs in full swing, make sure you check and toss out these condiments on their expiration dates!

  8. Some of the most stunning places in Europe to add to your wish list of destinations.

  9. Did you know that Netflix offers Nike fitness classes for all levels?

  10. Love this Instagram post from Ina Garten... true inspiration.

  11. Way too tough to single out just one favorite outdoor setting from Scott Shrader... wow.

  12. Take a walk through a curated garden and gift shop in the Hamptons.



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