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weekend+notes | 7.22.22

It has not been easy with the hot, sticky weather and afternoon storms the past few weeks, but we are finally setting aside blocks of time and making progress on our deck. The furniture arrived earlier than expected considering the ongoing issues with shipment delays, the fireplace is built, the boards are stained and we are finishing up the side railings after just a few minor setbacks with calculating the angles. :)

Although this project has made us question - a lot - why we decided to tackle it on our own, it has been mostly fun customizing each step and seeing our ideas materialize section by section. I am looking forward to relocating the planters where they have taken up residence at the end of our driveway and start enjoying the back yard again.

At least it has been a less stressful experience than navigating the New York City apartment rental scene as our son prepares to move there next month for graduate school...

what an unbelievable process!

Hope your week was productive and happy weekend!

weekend+notes | 7.22.22

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