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weekend+notes | 7.7.23

Even though July is well on its way with festivities from the 4th and the world's hottest temperatures this past week, June was so busy that summer feels like it is just now kicking in on my end. Upcoming travel plans are finally wrapped up and we are looking forward to taking a brief pause for a change of pace before turning the corner on the last quarter of the year.

Hoping that your summer is in full swing and that this weekend finds you enjoying the sunshine.

weekend+notes | 7.7.23

  1. Fascinating discoveries scrolling through the deep sea.

  2. So many beautiful details in this French country style home.

  3. Elevate kitchen cabinets with toe kicks you can design on your own.

  4. Refreshing summer drinks to make during this year's record-breaking heat waves!

  5. Yes please to any of these inspirational outdoor veranda and container garden ideas!

  6. Learn about the different types of fragrant lavender suitable for home gardens and add a delicious lavender limeade to your drink line-up.


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