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weekend+notes | 8.11.23

As summer closes out, the question - what is left on your list to do before fall settles in - addressed in a recent newspaper article elicited replies so simple, refreshing and unassuming.

Whether your list encompasses lounging in a beach chair in your own backyard with drinks and a stack of books to playing tourist in your own town or catching an outdoor movie or concert, make sure to squeeze in and embrace little moments of carefree sunshine these final weeks.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend.

weekend+notes | 8.11.23

  1. When in London, bookmark Peggy Porschen's scrumptious bakery to stop in for the creative creations and sweet setting for afternoon tea.

  2. This site is doing its part to help with losing the word "very" in our vocabulary.

  3. Imagine living in a beautiful 1,000 year old English stone priory...

  4. An incredible area to explore in Michigan.

  5. The positive impacts of painting walls and trim the same color.

  6. How fun to make your own waffle cones!



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