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weekend+notes | 8.4.23

The month of August tends to present itself as a bittersweet moment. It marks the final stage of summer to hold closely yet a pivotal time of planning and preparing for fall + the upcoming holiday season at the shop - a transition of squeezing every last drop of bright sunshine while simultaneously gearing up for a rush of important sequenced events.

There is a degree of looking forward to cooler temperatures with the unforgiving and relentless heat many are experiencing in the States and in the south of Europe this year. The weather in Sweden called for extra layers with windy and rainy conditions and it felt as if autumn hung in the air waiting to permanently drop in unexpectedly in July. Piles of thick blankets in baskets and neatly folded over outdoor café chairs signaled change is around the corner and a reminder that with a little cozy adjustment, a small challenge can be easily overcome to continue enjoying the weeks ahead.

Have a wonderful weekend.

weekend+notes | 8.4.23

  1. A comprehensive list of articles on styling and organizing ideas for a dorm + where to find essentials if someone you know is heading off to college in the fall.

  2. A beautiful location to add to your list when traveling to the United Kingdom.

  3. Flower magazine highlights a selection of curated private gardens in Charleston with interesting historical background information.

  4. Have you heard of exercise snacking? Love the term and the mini workout ideas!

  5. Two Instagram accounts to follow: @frenchcountrypassion + @itsahouselovestory.

  6. Adding Sense of Place: Design Inspired by Where We Live by Caitlin Flemming and Julie Goebel to my book list. Scheduled to be released September 19th, it is available to pre-order through a multitude of stores.

  7. Pretty color combinations for a kitchen if you are considering a two color palette + all of the colors that pair well with sage.

  8. Take a sneak peek at the July/August issue of My French Country Home magazine if you have not had a chance to pick up a copy at the shop. The September/October publication will be delivered soon!

  9. The daily newsletter from The Know breaks down key global news components in a healthy five minute reading dose. A fantastic way to stay informed!

  10. Why it may not be too early to book that winter trip.

  11. The case as to why it is so important to take time off.

  12. How to help honey bees thrive in the summer heat.

  13. A quintessential country home in France - available to rent!

  14. One way to dry hydrangeas for fall displays.



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