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weekend+notes | 9.23.22

As the bright summer light fades to make way for the arrival of fall these last wavering days of September, the first hints of smoke linger in the chilling air, the landscape shifts to muted golden shades against crisp blue skies and local markets are brimming with nature's seasonal harvest.

May your weekend be filled with layers of warm textures, piles of pumpkins, the rustling of falling leaves, foraged branches from afternoon walks in the forest and the soft glow of candlelight as autumn makes its quiet approach.

weekend+notes | 9.23.22

  1. Planning a trip to take in the fall foliage? Check nationwide peak color predictions on this map tool.

  2. Impressed with these incredible, creative and stunning closet transformations with Ikea systems.

  3. Subtle fall perfection wrapped up in a potting shed + a gorgeous fall floral arrangement.

  4. So many combinations of smores to try!

  5. Love everything about these Boulangerie candles from Anthropologie - the yummy fall scents + the simply designed cream jars.

  6. Enjoying Curate by Lynda Gardener and Ali Heath lately for beautiful interior styling inspiration and decorating tips. Currently on sale at Anthropologie.

  7. Ralph Lauren's coffee shop is on my list to visit on the next trip to New York City - follow on Instagram @ralphscoffee.

  8. Patagonia founder recently made an astonishing announcement.


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