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welcome to stone+gate market

Two years ago, I drafted an outline to create this website to complement the shop as an outlet to highlight available products or special events. As I experimented with different designs, tried out a million ideas and endlessly edited, plans changed and it developed into an expanded version to include this note+book section.

Just as each page started to finally take shape in the spring of 2020, the world abruptly turned upside down and seemingly overnight, our routines were disrupted and

our lives transformed as a global pandemic unfolded.

Under the lockdowns, following the news networks to keep up with breaking information took precedence while the meaning of home, family, community and generally what is important to each of us was completely redefined. Undoubtedly the experiences we endured carried a heavy lesson on how fragile life truly is and my business priorities pivoted exponentially.

Now that we are slowly turning the page on a confusing period, there are still hardships and struggles remaining as I write this note. Yet even under these circumstances,

new sets of dreams continue to be envisioned, astounding courage pursued and

expectations anticipated with the promise of a tangible shift in a direction

the world has been painstakingly waiting for.

Pausing work on the website to switch strategies amidst the challenges led to incredible growth opportunities and finally completing the launch of this website is a way to sprinkle the acts of kindness and build on the connections that poured in throughout

an extraordinary time.

So although still a work-in-progress, it is with much anticipation that I extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for joining me on this adventure. I look forward to exploring, learning, sharing inspiration and projects about home + highlighting elements of the shop with you in this evolving space.

Welcome to stone+gate market.



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