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weekend+notes | 10.6.23

September and October are my most favorite months of the year and while the shop has been set with autumn tones for a few weeks now, that has not yet been the case at our house except for the front door area... Plans to fix that are scheduled this weekend.

A couple of unexpected, last minute weekend opportunities to travel to San Francisco and New York just materialized to visit with our daughter and son. Really looking forward to spending a little time with them + try out a few different things in these cities dressed in fall finery.

A warm welcome to our newest subscribers and a lovely weekend to everyone!

weekend+notes | 10.6.23

  1. What a fun twist to tacos!

  2. The Strawberry Hill House Flower Festival takes place on the outskirts of London every fall with this year's event wrapping up last month. The installations are stunning works of art displayed within the interiors of the home. Scroll through inspirational photos of last year's collection and read about the history of Strawberry Hill House and Garden.

  3. Sweet ways to savor this fall season.

  4. A stunning, classic English garden.

  5. The moldings, wainscoting and white backdrop make the interior details pop + enhance the green outdoor spaces in this California farmhouse.

  6. A handful of pretty and functional mudrooms.

  7. Tips on how to read more books.

  8. An 18th century villa on the edge of Lake Como in Italy has just been named the best hotel in the world.

  9. Click on the first photo to tour through this home redesign with subtle fall vibes.



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