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product care information

Basic care instructions + usage for items and products purchased in the shop.

Antique ironstone + pottery

Although highly sturdy, it is recommended to gently hand wash vintage ironstone in warm water, avoid soaking and dry completely before storing. Crazing - tiny cracks and lines that can appear darker when wet - is a normal procedure consistent with antique pieces and an element that adds character with age. Support any crocks with handles from the bottom rather than carrying from the handle.

Antique wicker

Clean vintage wicker or natural fiber baskets with a soft brush and warm water with laundry soap. Never scrub or leave wicker pieces immersed in water as it could warp the material. Dry baskets in direct sunlight and keep stored in a cool, dry area.

Linen towels

Pure linen towels can safely be machine washed at medium temperature and tumble dried on a medium setting. Iron as needed.

Olive wood products

Gently hand wash only and apply olive oil to the surface occasionally to maintain the olive wood.

Walnut wood products

To deepen the color and enhance the grain of the walnut wood, apply linseed oil or beeswax to the surface with a soft cloth. Wipe clean.

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