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Originally from Pennsylvania, I had the incredible opportunity of spending nearly ten years growing up in Switzerland before returning to the States for college and have lived in Illinois, Texas and North Carolina over the years. I currently reside in Northern Virginia with my Swedish husband Magnus + our sweet golden retriever Bryce and lop bunny Corduroy. I am a mom of two - a daughter in San Francisco and a son in New York - with an MBA in international marketing, a past career within the meeting planning and hospitality industries, leadership work as a board member, volunteer in the education field and founder/owner of stone+gate market.


Time with my family, traveling - anywhere, baking, reading, experimenting with photography, scouring for architectural and antique finds for the shop + my home and implementing new house projects to my husband's dismay are just a few ways I fill my schedule and calendar outside of work commitments. When the possibility of starting a business materialized fifteen years ago, weaving the

concept of home into the mix sparked the idea behind the decision to open stone+gate market. 



Established in 2009, stone+gate market initially opened as a brick+mortar shop in historic downtown Leesburg, Virginia and is now located at The Old Lucketts Store. The shop offers a handpicked selection of vintage goods and accessories for the home sourced from the States, Canada and Europe. The inspiration for the stone+gate name refers to the stone arch entrance to the Bishop's Garden on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. - a special and significant setting for my family.


This space is largely designed to serve as a resource for customers in addition to sharing the sometimes

complicated, challenging and rewarding realities surrounding running a business and stories of the never-ending projects

my husband and I work on to update our home - inside and out.

With the unlimited supply of information at our fingertips, I am hoping that this website will be a little corner to turn to for inspiration as so many websites have provided me. More importantly, I look forward to building a community, engaging and connecting with customers, readers and small business owners seeking to grow and learn in the same ways.


Thank you for being here.


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