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weekend+notes | 2.2.24

Spring is inching closer yet the wintry landscape the rare snow days in our area gift us never disappoint. Here's to secretly wishing for just one more seasonal dusting before bright, sunny daffodils and delicate, wispy ferns dot the forest ground.

Happy Groundhog Day and enjoy a restful weekend!

weekend+notes | 2.2.24

  1. An elegant 1932 renovated home in San Francisco.

  2. The London church of St. Bartholomew-the-Great - the location for a variety of film scenes - just celebrated its 900th anniversary last year.

  3. Cute and clever ideas for a Super Bowl themed lunch/dinner tailgate party!

  4. Love the concept of a flower room.

  5. A stunning 18th century French château impeccably restored and on the market + more beautiful castles for sale in France.

  6. The perfect blend of neutral design and natural materials.



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