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weekend+notes | 2.23.24

February. A month still tied to a fresh year lingering between the winter cold and subtle shifts of spring. Where sunshine permeates the cloudy gray days and softens the bitter morning frost. When increased sightings of colored feathers streak across the slumbering forest.

A short twenty-nine snapshots this year filled with intricate ins and outs, winding twists and turns, ragged zigs and zags, delicate forwards and backwards on the cusp of a burst of pastels.

Happy weekend.

weekend+notes | 2.23.24

  1. This mushroom and spinach puff pastry combines beautiful presentation, tastiness and simplicity.

  2. Love the exterior, closet space, organized pantry and moldings of this light-filled, award-winning home.

  3. A peek inside Windsor Castle.

  4. Reasons to consider painting walls and trim the same color with Sandra Bullock's New York townhome as a pretty example.

  5. Places to see cherry blossoms in the States besides Washington, D.C. this spring. Peak bloom for the D.C. trees will be announced on February 29th!

  6. Although coral reefs are struggling around the world, more comprehensive maps developed from satellite imagery have revealed that they are larger than scientists previously thought.

  7. The one ingredient cardiologists recommend adding to your cup of coffee for a healthy heart.

  8. The sweetest little kitchen with a perfect balance of vintage and natural elements.



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