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weekend+notes | 3.11.22

It's hard to believe it's mid-March already, but signs of spring are slowly making an appearance here in the D.C. area and it's always a good sign when the National Park Service publishes the expected peak bloom dates for the Tidal Basin cherry trees! I hope that little pops of green, pink, purple and yellow are showing up in your gardens soon even if winter is still hanging on by a thread. Side note: Trader Joe's tulip bunches are a perfect substitute until then.

We are getting there...

Enjoy the weekend. 🤍

weekend+notes | 3.11.22

  1. This month marks a year that I joined the talented crew at Chartreuse & co. There have been many highlights - from my first place under the sloping wood rafters upstairs to my current natural light-filled corner spot on the main level of the barn - it has been a source of creative work, meeting new friends + customers and participating in the Lucketts Market last fall. Stop by for a visit at our next opening March 18-20 for vintage finds, European home magazines + a few fresh products. We would love to welcome you!

  2. With all that the world is throwing at us right now, @cakeatelieramsterdam delivers stunning, colorful displays of happiness via Instagram.

  3. Yesterday's 3-2-1 post from James Clear really resonated with me - especially poet May Sarton's reflection on the importance of rest.

  4. Loving these fabulous Target finds from Sanctuary Home Decor.

  5. As we approach spring cleaning season, these simple tips are an easy guideline to follow. I need to work on #10...

  6. Hmmmm... I wonder if I can get my husband on board for this project!

  7. Have you tried this trend? We did it in the basement and rooms on the second floor a few years ago and I love it. It adds such depth and richness. If painting is on your spring to-do list, Julie has a resourceful library full of informational painting ideas.

  8. If you are missing European travel or looking for places to go someday, scroll through these charming French towns and find one to add to your list for your next trip abroad. I can vouch for Annecy, Carcassonne and Villefranche-sur-Mer. Superbe!

  9. I recently switched my metal measuring spoons to these wood ones from Bowl & Board. The matching set of measuring cups are currently out of stock. Not only are they pretty to bake with, they are also eco-friendly and make a sweet gift to the cooks in your life.



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