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weekend+notes | 5.13.23

The other day on an afternoon walk with Bryce, the elementary school bus pulled up to one of our neighborhood corner stops. As the folding doors popped open, the boys and girls spilled out one after the other, jumping down the steps with faces lit up in pure happiness, their colorful backpacks swinging side-to-side and their arms laden with bright, laminated poster boards covered in photos and magazine cutouts, shoe box dioramas filled with treasures and stacks of disheveled construction paper drawings sticking out of folders.

This time of year is exhilarating as school starts to wind down and celebrations kick into full gear. Desks are cleared out, library books are returned, classroom projects displayed on the walls and window sills are distributed to take home, cake and ice cream parties are planned and cans of shaving cream are requested for the annual table surface cleaning activities.

For the older students, this month is bittersweet with team sports and clubs ending, college decisions to make, award banquets, final concert and play performances to attend, corsages and boutonnières to purchase for proms, speeches to prepare for fall elections, final exams to study for, yearbooks to sign in hallways, graduation gowns to pick up and ceremonies to practice.

With all of the packed schedules and calendars, one strong sentiment lingers at that stage in life that we tend to forget as adults with our lists of responsibilities... that lighthearted, carefree anticipation of the long, sunny summer months stretching ahead.

May we never lose that sense of wonder and expectation.

Enjoy the weekend and happy Mother's Day to all of the moms + moms-to-be!

weekend+notes | 5.13.23

  1. Love all of the summery classic blue & white stripes incorporated into this pretty Florida design project.

  2. If you watched the Coronation of King Charles III last Saturday and noticed - or maybe like me wondered about - the different types of chairs placed throughout the altar area, each historical piece held a significant part in the various phases of the service.

  3. The stunning transformation of an 1800s farmhouse found on Facebook Marketplace for $15,000... from the initial walk through to completion!

  4. Create a floating floral arrangement with a simple grapevine wreath as an additional layer to a table centerpiece.

  5. Do you have a Sunday routine?

  6. Try these outdoor features to capture the essence of Nantucket - one of my favorite places!

  7. Take a brief photo tour of the newly reopened iconic Tiffany & Co. flagship store in Manhattan after four years of renovations and book reservations at the Blue Box Café the next time you are in New York to actually experience breakfast at Tiffany's - or lunch or afternoon tea.

  8. A springtime tip for those of you with a fluffy, furry friend at home - instead of throwing away any loose fur collected from brushings, place tufts in a little wire basket or in a makeshift ball of chicken wire to hang on your deck or on a tree in your yard for birds to pull from as they build their nests.



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