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weekend+notes | 9.9.23

These incredibly hot September temperatures are throwing a loop on early fall plans of chunky sweaters layered with jeans, steaming frothy lattes and crackling outdoor fires...

We were fortunate to break from the extended summer weather to experience a slice of the season on a recent family trip to Iceland where crisp blue skies intermingled with thick gray clouds, icy cold air flowed over vast glacier surfaces, colorful rainbows filled deep, misty landscapes and chilly, forceful winds swept across white capped oceans, rocky hiking trails, volcano tops and moss covered lava fields.

An impressive and beautiful part of the world on a grand scale.

Have a lovely weekend + welcome to the newly minted subscribers!

weekend+notes | 9.9.23

  1. Simple suggestions to consider for a successful start of the day.

  2. A step back in time with a shop + home in Bath.

  3. Baking this zucchini bread over the weekend.

  4. This year's fall foliage prediction map to track the season's changing leaves.

  5. The antique pieces to collect to use in fall decorating.

  6. Instagram account to follow: @gncgarden.

  7. Who knew beaches in Scotland looked like this?

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